Food An Introduction to the Cuisine of Thailand

Charlotte Miller

Thai food, cooked in its country of origin is an experience not to be missed. It’s a mouthwatering explosion of flavors that captivate the imagination and entice your taste buds.


How many of us can actually say we’ve had real, authentic Thai cuisine, cooked by local chefs with expert knowledge of the best, freshest local ingredients and how to cook them to perfection?


While a takeaway at home can be a lovely treat every now and again, the real deal is something to savor.


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A beginner’s guide to Thai food


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One of the best experiences you can have when you’re looking for things to do in Bangkok is to visit some of the best local restaurants and eateries to see what’s on offer.


Food culture in Thailand offers so much variety – fresh, inviting ingredients such as seafood, fruits, and vegetables and a whole host of cooking styles. Whether you’re craving a rich, hearty curry, or want a clean, reviving broth and fruit salad there will be something to suit your palate and your purse.