What Is Gyal Meaning Of Slang And Its Usage

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Gyal Meaning

What is the Gyal meaning is a thought that might come into your mind whenever you hear this word. It is commonly heard in songs and nowadays on social media also as it has become a popular slang. I will today let you know what the meaning of Gyal is and what is origin with also explain how the term is used. 

What Is Gyal Meaning In Slang?

Gyal is a Jamaican slang that is used to refer to a Jamaican girl or woman. The term is sometimes used to show love, affection, and respect to a female who is very important and special in Jamaican culture. Most commonly the term is used in songs where Gyal is used to refer to baby mamma or baby daddy. 

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Gyal Slang Usage

Gyal Slang Usage

Although the Slang Gyal is used to refer to women and girls especially who are Jamaicans. But there are many ways to use it that I have mentioned below.

In songs, it is used to refer to girls.

It is also referred to a female who is considered Jamaican royalty.

Some refer to it as someone who has money of course that someone would be a female.

It is also used to refer to another woman by a woman.

Single mothers are using the term to refer to their daughters. 

Some may also use the term as an objectifying word and refer women as sexual objects.



As you have read the slang Gyal meaning can be used in many different forms depending on the context and use. Also, you can figure out what is the slang referring to by the tone and body language of the person using it. Using slang is very convenient but you must use and word or term after understanding the true meaning of that particular wor.


What does Gyal mean in slang?

Gyal slang is used to refer to a Jamaican female and usually, the term is heard in songs. It is used to express respect to a female, especially to a Jamaican royal family member.

What is the origin of Gyal?

The term Gyal originated from Jamaican Creole and its English translation is Girl. 

What is a girlfriend in Jamaican slang?

In Jamaican slang “Ooman” is used to refer to a girlfriend or a female partner.

What does Bashy Gyal mean?

Bashy gyal means “Girl you are looking amazing” and it is a Jamaican phrase.