My Review to Book a Meghalaya Tour With Thrillophilia

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My Review to Book a Meghalaya Tour With Thrillophilia

A month ago, I saw an advertisement on Instagram for an all-women Meghalaya tour by Thrillophilia. It immediately caught my attention as I have always wanted to visit the North East. The idea of different women coming together from different parts of the country was surely exciting enough for me.  

To know more about the package, I clicked on the ad which led me to the website. I thoroughly went through the itinerary and the inclusions of the package. I scrolled down and saw several Positive Thrillophilia reviews where people have talked about their experiences. After two hours of research and discussion with my family, I booked the ‘Adventure of Meghalaya’ package for 6 days and 5 nights.

In between, I received a call from a representative of the company. He explained to me the entire itinerary and answered all my questions. Now, I was fully prepared for my first ever solo trip with complete stranger women from all across the country.

The most exciting trip of my life ….

As soon as I landed at Guwahati airport, I received a call from the same representative of Thrillophilia. He first confirmed if I had a comfortable journey and then informed me that a driver is waiting for me outside the airport. The driver picked me up from the airport and then we proceeded towards Shillong. My driver was an extremely fun company who kept entertaining me with facts and jokes throughout the journey.  

On the way, we stopped at the gorgeous Umiam Lake. As I was alone, I had to ask the driver to take some of my pictures near the lake. I must say that although he struggled, he definitely tried his best to take my good pictures, even suggested a few poses to me. After that, we went straight to my pre-booked hotel where I checked-in and chose to rest that night.

The next morning, I went downstairs for breakfast where I met the other group members. We all introduced ourselves and had a fun chit-chat session. We started our day and headed for our Cherrapunji tour. We visited plenty of places like Elephant Falls, Mawkdok Dympep Viewpoint, Wei Sawdong Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Seven Sister Falls, Mawsmai Cave and Arwah Cave. I was totally in love with the beauty of Cherrapunji and out of all the places we visited, my personal favourite was the Mawkdok Dympep Viewpoint. My favourite part of the day was when we all decided to take a refreshing bath at the Seven Sisters Falls.

On day 3, our itinerary included a challenging two and a half hour trek to Nogriat. Our driver dropped us off at Tyrna Village which was the starting point of our trek. The trekking experience was truly unforgettable and we had a lot of fun throughout the way. Some of us slipped and fell, some used singing and making jokes as a coping mechanism for their fear, while some kept quiet and simply enjoyed the journey. But most importantly, it was a wholesome experience which we all enjoyed. After completing our trek, we headed down to Tyrna Village from where our driver picked us up and then dropped us at our hotel.

On day 4, we started our day by visiting the cleanest village of Asia, Mawlynnong. It was a truly picturesque village with little huts, narrow lanes, perfect greenery and friendly locals. Then we reached our next destination, Riwai Village where we walked on the Living Root Bridge which is a natural wonder. In the end, we reached our final destination for the day, Dawki where we also enjoyed a boat ride at the Umngot River. Boating on this crystal clear river felt as if we were floating on it. Overall, it was a fun and soothing tour of the beautiful Shnongpdeng Village. We tried out some of the local dishes and then checked-in at our pre-booked stay for the night.

Day 5, our driver picked us up from our stay and then we all headed towards Shillong. In between, we again made a stop at Dawki as we wanted to try out some more adventure activities. Most of us, including me, tried Ziplining, whereas the others chose a safer option, kayaking. Next, we visited Krang Suri Waterfalls where we could not resist and threw each other in the water. After a fun bathing and swimming session, we changed our clothes and then continued our journey to Shillong. All of us knew that it was our last night of the trip, so none of us slept. We checked-in our rooms at Shillong and then spent the entire night playing games, singing, dancing and sharing stories about our lives.

The next morning, all of us sat together for the last time and had a wholesome breakfast. Our driver picked us up and took us to our last destination of our trip, Kamakhya Temple. After that, our drivers dropped some of us at the airport, and others at the railway station. We all bid farewell to each other, exchanged numbers and hugged each other. It was undoubtedly the most memorable trip of my life which gave me an entirely new group of friends.

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All thanks to Thrillophilia

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I thank Thrillophilia for thinking of a concept like an ‘all-women trip’. Everything was arranged beautifully and carried out well. The itinerary was carefully planned and included everything one could think of. All the accommodations were top-notch, spacious and clean. Also, I loved the fact that the company stayed in touch with me throughout the trip and ensured if everything was going well. By far, this was the most fun, convenient yet affordable trip of my life. After such an amazing trip, it was essential to add one more to the list of positive reviews of Thrillophilia.