Twatwaffle: Meaning Of Slang, Is It A Bad Word?

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The word twatwaffle seems to be a good word when you pronounce it but beware do not judge the book by its cover. Is that not true? The word or this slang does not have such excellent meaning as it sounds. Let me tell you everything about this word here.

What Is Slang Twatwaffle Meaning?

The word twatwaffle is a word that is very offensive and is just used to insult someone who describes foolish, idiot, and inept. Yes, you read it and write it is a word that is not appropriate to use. Basically the word “twatwaffle” is made up of 2 words twat + waffle where twat means the female private part that is female genitalia and waffle means dumb, foolish, and inept person.

Another simple meaning of the word twatwaffle means an idiotic person who is dumb and a moron who thinks they know everything and acts like but in reality, they do not know anything. Also, they are the ones who get upset about things that the majority may think are funny and use their authority and power to punish the people who do not think they are right. So is Twatwaffle a bad word?

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Is Twatwaffle A Bad Word?

Is Twatwaffle A Bad Word

Yes, Twatwaffle can be bad and people would find it offensive to hear. The person whom you may say  Twatwaffle may get offense and get upset

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Twatwaffle Origin 

The words twatwaffle are a combination of the words Twat & Waffle so it is clear that it is been inspired by waffles that are soft and floppy and you will find some people around that do not want to eat it. As many more slangs even this is the one that started on the internet and social media. Also, it was found that the early use was in a discussion on a Google group. It was in 2004 and it was about Fox News where people from Britain were criticizing Fox News for some reason.

Usage Of The Word Twatwaffle

Usage Of The Word Twatwaffle

The usage of the slang twatwaffle got its popularity from Urban Dictionary and then people started explaining and adding different meanings to it as it was there around 2003. 

As the twatwaffle is a very funny and sneaky word and is not only popular and often used online you can see that some people also it in real life.


So basically in conclusion I would like to end up saying that twatwaffle is a person who is foolish and thinks that they are very smart wherein they do not even understand a simple funny joke. And they get offended by some jokes and not only this they even try to boss everyone around in their over-smartness. Also before using such words, you should be aware that using such offensive words for someone can be very disrespectful and can offend the other person.


Is Twatwaffle A Bad Word?

Yes, Twatwaffle is an offensive word and is considered very inappropriate to use for someone. It is said that a person who is considered who take the jokes in a very negative manner just shows their unpleasantness and just cannot take a simple joke on them.

What Does It Mean To Call Someone A ‘twatwaffle’?

If someone calls someone twatwaffle then he means that the other person is dumb and they cannot take jokes in a good manner. It is very offensive to say that.

What Is A Waffle Slang?

Waffle means to talk about or write about something that is of no use and does not even have answers. For example, if you do not have a proper answer then it is no use to just be waffling on it.

Is Twatwaffle Is Real?

Yes, now twatwaffle is a real word and you can also find it on urban dictionary and equivalent sites. The word is a combination of twat and waffle.