Is A Scam Or Legit? 

Charlotte Miller

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Is A Scam? Nowadays there are many platforms to explore for earning online and one question you may have is Wearefabric scam. is one such website that has grabbed many eyes on it. The question that follows is a scam or legit?

What Is Wearefabric?

Wearefabric is a website that provides opportunities to earn online for its users. The website has a model of pay-per-action for earning. Here the users have to complete a specific task on the website. It has various project options to perform for receiving payments. The tasks can be as simple as watching videos, surveys, and even downloading an app. The website gives rewards in the form of payments depending on the tasks that are performed by the user.

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Wearefabric Review

Wearefabric has a very mixed review where some users are completely satisfied whereas some have very bad experiences. A review of the website is something that depends on everones perspective and experience and the same goes for this website also.  Some users have received the payment without any hassle whereas some of them say that they got it after a few weeks. Also, there are some users who have issues regarding the payment or have not received it.

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Is A Scam Or Legit?

After going through various reviews and conducting research on Wearefabric real or fake? There are many users that have accused it saying that the website is a scam. The users have complained that they have issues receiving payment while some of them have not received payments at all some say they have earned a good amount of money.


You will see various reviews about wearefabric depending on the experiences that people had while using the website. Also, it is seen that the payment depends on the tasks that are performed by users. So if you are planning to try the website it is advised to read the terms and conditions properly before working for the website and take your own decision.


How Does Wearefabric Work?

Fabric pay works by giving tasks to its users and paying them in return when they complete the given task like watching videos or downloading apps.

Is Wearefabric Worth It?

The website claims to pay the users for completing certain tasks chosen by them. There are many reports by its users saying that they have not received payments and had difficulties withdrawing the payments. 

Is Wearefabric a Scam?

After going through various reviews there are many users that have accused it saying that the website is a scam.