What Is A Community Order Explained Simply

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What Is A Community Order

If you are asking what is a community order, alternatively it refers to a sentence provided by the court instead of someone being sent straight away to prison. This blog post will describe what a community order is, how it works, and why they are implemented by the Courts.

What Is A Community Order?

A community order is a punishment from a court for people who commit crimes but are not sent to prison. Rather, they are required to perform tasks determined by the court for them to change their actions and make them pay up for crime.

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What Is A Community Order Includes

What Is A Community Order Includes

This can take several forms and will be tailored to the individual circumstances of an offender working with or within their local community order. Some examples are:

  • Volunteer Work: Working for the community and not receiving compensation.
  • Implementation of Curfew – Sit at home for some hours.
  • Programs: Attending classes or meetings to gain new knowledge and /or change habits.
  • Rules: Stay away from here; don’t do that.
  • Restitution: Paying Money to the person they harmed

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What Is A Community Order And How Does It Work

Before the court makes a community order, it considers how serious a thing someone did and if they have done that before. The idea is to punish offenders in a way that offers a solution other than remand or jail but requires mandating them into the community, where they can learn not only how NOT to act criminally, but also how TO behave better.

Benefits Of What Is A Community Order

Benefits Of What Is A Community Order

Community orders are better than prison in many ways because they:

  • Help People Develop: Teach new skills and behaviors
  • Retain Jobs – Permit work or attendance at school
  • Cheaper: Less expensive than incarcerating him.
  • Build Safer Communities: By allowing families to make things right and avoid prison.


To conclude, knowing what is a community order gives you some insight into how it works in practice to provide the courts with an effective alternative for dealing with people who have broken the law. This is about giving people an opportunity to make amends and learn from their mistakes without escaping the consequences of committing them.


What Is A Community Order?

A community order is a sentence imposed by the court that requires an offender to complete specific rehabilitative requirements in place of going to prison.

What Is A Community Order And How Does It Differ From Being Given An Immediate Custodial Jail Sentence?

When an offender is made the subject of a community order, that person then has to carry out various requirements which could be unpaid work; programs, or curfew monitoring.

Who Can Sentence Someone To A Community Order?

Sentencing judges or magistrates will impose a community order based on the nature of the offense, prior convictions, and as to whether they would be suitable for rehabilitation in the community.

What Activities Are Community Orders Commonly Made Up Of?

They can be ordered to do so many things like community service, rehab programs for drugs, or anger management -if anything is alcohol-related- curfew if wanted, and stay away from certain places.

Who Can Get A Community Order?

Less serious offenders or those who may be improved through rehabilitation, are punished with community orders. The penalty is determined based on factors such as the character of the offense and the illness of the offender to obey his order.