Why Should You Move to Calgary?

Caleb Bailey

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Calgary lies to the west of Canada, just above the US border, in Alberta. Despite being surrounded by land, water abounds, with rivers and lakes offering plenty of options for leisure activities and creative inspiration. The city offers all the benefits of countryside living while still providing access to all the amenities of a big city. Calgary is not unique in offering this particular benefit (although it is a good one!) – but it does have a number of draws which set it aside from other places. Let’s take a look.

The Air is Good

Surrounded by tall conifer forests, the air in Calgary tends to be good – even on a bad pollution day, as seen in 2023 when forest fires elsewhere spewed smoke and particulates into the air, Calgary’s air quality tends to remain in the good or acceptable range, particularly to the north of the city. In fact, it is known as the cleanest city in the world! This is aided by the fact that the city is also quite high, speaking altitudinally. Close to the Rocky Mountain range, Calgary is situated nearly 3,500 feet above sea level which means that any heavy pollution particles simply cannot get there from lower-lying areas – meaning the city has a built-in air filter, if you like! Click the link to read more about Calgary altitude: https://www.quadrealres.com/understanding-calgary-altitude.

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The Quality of Life is Better

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Calgary boasts a excellent way of life with good levels of employment and financial stability available. Tourism from the nearby Rockies keeps the economy ticking over nicely, supporting by the stable business base which in turn is boosted by the relatively low sales tax in the region. This is a hangover from the energy boom in the 1990s, when Calgary was a mover in the energy industry, bringing the region a nice nest-egg and cushioning it from the worst of the financial crash in the 00s. Income levels tend to be higher than other areas, and this is emphasised by lower living expenses – a double-win that makes for a nicely comfortable lifestyle. Healthcare is superb – possibly aided by the general good health of the population thanks to all that clean air and access to the outdoors – and it is a great, safe place to raise your children, if you have a family.

The Arts and Cultural Industries Are Booming

But that’s not all. Calgary is home to a thriving cultural scene too. No matter if you’re a banker or a scientist or a creative; Calgary has something for everyone. The indie music scene is hopping, with small and large venues alike regularly hosting home-grown sons and daughters and all their fans in the many clubs and theatres to be found in the city. Municipal investment has been expended on an art hub in Calgary in recent years, resulting in the Arts Commons, a combination theatre, art gallery and social centre which attract hundreds of visitor every year. As well as this, the city has been transformed to welcome pedestrians and cyclists, all of whom are encouraged to explore the lesser known areas of the city, taking in a comedy show here, a folk festival there, or even lingering in the right locations to see the latest episode of their favourite television series – such as The Last of Us – being filmed in the city.

Now you know what Calgary is like, you can start planning your move with confidence!